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Experts 'Appalled' by Puerto Rican Bill to Fine Parents of Obese Children
Obesity researchers say a Puerto Rican bill that would fine parents of obese children up to $800 is "unbelievable" and "unfair."
ABC News, February 2015

Soda Companies Step Up Their Marketing To Black And Latino Kids
Article highlights findings that food and beverage marketing groups target black and Latino children at higher levels than white children
NPR- the salt, November 2014

Soda companies still market to children — just more creatively
Article discusses how children are being exposed to less television commercials for sugar sweetenned beverages, but companies are marketing to children in new ways- such as through social media outlets and use of screensavers
MarketWatch, November 2014

Yale Study: $866 Million Spent Advertising Sugary Drinks Last Year
Article highlights amount of money companies spend on marketing sugar sweetenned beverages to children and teens
Hartford Courant, November 2014

New report looks at kids and sugary drinks
Article summarizes main findings from Rudd Center's new Sugar Sweetenned Beverage Report
Chicago Sun Times, November 2014

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