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Legislation Database

Glossaries of Legislative Terms

State Glossary
Federal Glossary

Legislation Trends

What trends exist in current legislation?

Legislative Process

How does a bill become law?

Legislative Session Calendar - 2013

When does each state's legislative session begin and end?

Search for Past Legislation

Search for current food policy and obesity legislation filed by Congress, states, and select cities and counties. Bill status is monitored and the database is updated regularly. Users can generate Excel spreadsheets of search results.

Search for Bills

Find bill language, status updates, and other information on state and federal legislation.

Bill Updates

See which bills were acted on in the past day or week. 

Bills Enacted into Law

See which bills have been passed, signed, and adopted.

Failed Bills
See which bills have failed to pass.

For more information contact Roberta Friedman, Director of Public Policy. Media inquiries should be sent to Meg Orciari, Communications Assistant.