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Federal/State:Rhode Island
Bill:RI HR 6244 - Review of state school nutrition standards
Summary:Would ask the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to review the state regulations related to the nutritional content of school breakfast and lunch programs.
Sponsor(s):Representative Arthur Handy (D)
As of 6/19/2013: Read and passed

Federal/State:Rhode Island
Bill:RI HB 6291 - Local products in schools
Summary:Would promote the purchasing and serving of locally grown fruits, vegetables and dairy products in Rhode Island school districts.
Sponsor(s):Representative Eileen S. Naughton (D)
As of 7/24/2013: Signed by Governor Lincoln Chafee
As of 7/12/2013: Transmitted to Governor
As of 7/2/2013: Passed by Senate
As of 7/1/2013: Passed by Committee and House
As of 6/27/2013: Introduced, referred to Committee on Health, Education and Welfare