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Bill:MN HF 826 - Provides for safe and supportive schools by proghibitng bullying.
Summary:This bill provides for safe and supportive schools by prohibiting bullying. This bill does not discuss or highlight weight as a protected characteristic specifically.
Sponsor(s):Jim Davnie (Democratic Farmer-Labor Party) (co-sponsors: Yarusso, Melin, Mariani, Bernardy, Johnson, S., Isaacson, Liebling, Laine, Dibble)
As of 4/28/2014: Adopted April 9, 2014

Bill:MN S.F. 2411 - Bullying Policies in Schools
Summary:Would modify state bullying policies, providing additional definitions and create school policy requirements.
Sponsor(s):Carla Nelson (R) (co-sponsor Chamberlain)
As of 3/19/2014: For status updates, visit the state legislature's website.