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Federal/State:South Carolina
Bill:SC HB 4701 - Addressing obesity in South Carolina
Summary:Makes appropriations to provide revenue to cover state expenses. The Department of Health and Environmental Control is charged with addressing the public health of our citizens and coordinating the fight against Obesity in South Carolina. Because addressing the obesity epidemic requires behavioral, educational, systemic, medical, and community involvement, the following state agencies should use their best efforts to cooperate with the requests of the department and its partners to facilitate an environment
Sponsor(s):Ways and Means Committee
As of 6/24/2014: Adopted June 11, 2014

Federal/State:South Carolina
Bill:SC SR 1211 - Promoting healthy eating and physical activity
Summary:Recognizes that childhood obesity has a profound impact and is a serious health risk for youth in South Carolina and to encourage all citizens of this state to participate in activities that promote healthy eating and physical activity.
Sponsor(s):Senator Thurmond (co-sponsor: McElveen, Hembree and Setzler)
As of 4/28/2014: Adopted April 8, 2014

Federal/State:South Carolina
Bill:SC HR 4844 - Diabetes Awareness Month
Summary:In recognizing the effects of diabetes, March 2 is proclaimed “Diabetes Awareness Month” in South Carolina.
Sponsor(s):Rep. Garry Smith (R)
As of 3/24/2014: For status updates, visit the state legislature's website.