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Bill:AK HCR 1 - State food resource development working group
Summary:Would request the Governor to establish a state food resource development working group to work with the Alaska Food Policy Council to identify resources and set policies to build a strong and sustainable healthy food system in the state.
Sponsor(s):Representative Bill Stoltze (R)
As of 7/2/2013: Adopted
As of 6/12/2013: Transmitted to Governor
As of 3/19/2013: Passed by Committee on Rules, second reading, passed by Senate, awaiting transmittal to Governor on March 20, 2013
As of 3/14/2013: First reading, referred to Committee on Rules
As of 3/12/2013: Passed by House, transmitted to Senate
As of 3/6/2013: Referred to Committee on Rules
As of 3/4/2013: Passed by Committee
As of 2/21/2013: Public hearing scheduled for March 1, 2013
As of 2/4/2013: Amended bill passed, referred to Committee on Resources
As of 2/4/2013: Bill amended by Committee
As of 1/31/2013: Public hearing for Committee on Economic Development, International Trade, and Tourism on January 31, 2013
As of 1/30/2013: Heard and held
As of 1/29/2013: Public hearing scheduled for January 29, 2013
As of 1/25/2013: Introduced, first reading, referred to Committees on Economic Development, and International Trade and Tourism