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Federal/State:North Carolina
Bill:NC HB 683 - Commonsense Consumption Act
Summary:Would bar civil actions against packers, distributors, carriers, holders, sellers, marketers, or advertisers of food products based on claims arising out of weight gain, obesity, a health condition associated with weight gain or obesity, or other generally known condition allegedly caused by long-term consumption of food; and to clarify that local governments may not regulate the size of soft drinks offered for sale.
Sponsor(s):Representative Larry Brown (R)
As of 7/23/2013: Signed by Governor Pat McCrory, Chapter 2013-309
As of 7/11/2013: House presented to Governor
As of 7/10/2013: House concurred in Senate Committee substitute, House ordered enrolled
As of 7/9/2013: Placed on calendar for July 9, 2013
As of 7/5/2013: House received from Senate, recommended to concur with Senate Committee substitute
As of 7/2/2013: Senate passed second and third reading
As of 7/1/2013: Amended bill passed by Committee
As of 7/1/2013: Bill amended by Committee
As of 6/21/2013: Withdrawn from Committee, re-referred to Committee on Judiciary
As of 5/17/2013: Received by Senate first reading, referred to Committee on Rules and Senate Operations
As of 5/16/2013: Passed second and third reading, ordered engrossed
As of 5/16/2013: Bill amended and passed by Committee
As of 4/12/2013: Passed first reading, referred to Committee on Judiciary, Subcommittee A
As of 4/10/2013: Filed