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Federal/State:New Jersey
Bill:NJ SB 886 - Protecting rights of pregnant and breastfeeding women
Summary:Would expand civil rights protections to include pregnancy and breast-feeding, and require employers to provide daily break to breast-feeding mothers.
Sponsor(s):Senator Diane B. Allen (R)
As of 1/23/2012: Introduced, referred to Committee on Judiciary

Federal/State:New Jersey
Bill:NJ HB 3703 - Human milk bank
Summary:Would allow for the licensure of human milk banks.
Sponsor(s):Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt (D)
As of 11/26/2013: Passed by Committee, second reading
As of 1/23/2013: Introduced, referred to Committee on Women and Children

Federal/State:New Jersey
Bill:NJ SB 2156 - Exempt nursing mothers from jury duty.
Summary:Would exempt nursing mothers from jury duty.
Sponsor(s):Senator Diane Allen (D)
As of 6/13/2014: For status updates, visit the state legislature's website.