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Roberta R. Friedman, ScM

Roberta Friedman

Roberta R. Friedman, ScM, is the Director of Public Policy at the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University. She educates federal, state, and local policy makers and advocacy organizations about food policy and obesity research, and creates resources to help them write and implement effective obesity prevention policies. Prior to her work at the Rudd Center, Ms. Friedman was the Program Director at the Massachusetts Public Health Association, where she coordinated efforts to pass legislation to improve school nutrition, and worked with several New England- and state-wide coalitions to develop obesity-prevention strategies. She is a member of the New Haven Food Policy Council, and a founding member of New Haven Farms. Ms. Friedman received her ScM in Health and Social Behavior at the Harvard School of Public Health.

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A SODA Tax – Will it Change Anything?
The idea is simple: raise the prices of sugary beverages and people will buy and drink fewer of them, reduce their calorie intake and lose weight; use the revenue raised to pay for obesity prevention programs, and you have a win-win situation. It worked w
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Behind the Soda Wars Is an Ample Sugar Subsidy
A bill was proposed in Vermont by Rep. George Till to impose a penny-per-ounce sugar-sweetened beverage tax.
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Sole Full-Service Supermarket in Downtown New Haven Closes
Shaw's supermarket chain is closing its 18 Connecticut stores. One of them is in New Haven. Locals say it's a big loss of convenience, of good food, and of jobs. WSHU's Mark Herz reports on the importance of an urban supermarket.
WSHU Public Radio Group, March 2010

We Need to Know What We Ingest
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 2008


Friedman RR, Schwartz MB. Public policy to prevent childhood obesity, and the role of pediatric endocrinologists. Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism. 2008 Aug;21(8):717-725.

Press Releases

3/4/10: Yale Rudd Center Launches Centralized Database for State and Federal Food Policy and Obesity Legislation
A new legislative database launched by the Rudd Center gives policy makers, journalists, advocates, researchers, and concerned citizens a single online destination for current information on government legislation pertaining to food policy and obesity issues, including access to healthy food, school initiatives, menu labeling, sugar-sweetened beverage taxes, and more. The Legislative Updates database, which tracks federal and state bills filed during the current Congressional and state legislative sessions, provides detailed bill language and status updates.